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"Billboard advertising is one of the last messages a consumer receives before making a buy decision. Nearly three-quarters of billboard viewers shop on their way home from work; more than two-thirds make their shopping decisions while in the car and more than one-third make the decision to stop at the store while on their way home at all times when billboard advertising has the opportunity to be influential." The Arbitron National In Car Study - 2009 Edition


All you need to know about Billboards For Rent.


Billboards-4-Rent is not just another billboard advertisement company. We have over 12 years of experience specializing in the mobile billboard business. We are a worldwide network of billboards that are accessible instantly and affordably. Billboards-4-Rent provides businesses of all sizes with innovative advertising solutions that can  be used strategically to achieve specific results. Our services offer advertisers the most effective and interactive ways to introduce your business or services to your target market. With our inventory of over 250,000 billboards, LCD Displays, and L.E.D. billboard trucks delivering your message and promotions where your customers live, work and play, it is no wonder why we’re the fastest growing billboard company around.

Billboards-4-Rent provides our clients unmatched visibility in high traffic areas such as the Las Vegas strip, shopping centers, airports, sporting events, community events, and etc… Your message will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of prospects each day, 24/7 around the clock! We create an experience your consumers will see, hear and touch! Our primary function is not only to promote your name, but also to distribute your promotional items while creating a unique experience for your target market. It is highly effective when providing some form of promotional materials to consumers to help recall and react to your advertisement. We are willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your desired results.

Our services are not limited to just providing static mobile billboards, but also in custom designing and building any mobile, portable, electronic ad truck or trailer imagineable. We listen and try to understand what you are trying to achieve, whether it's for your own business or representing a client. We will help you maximize your marketing dollars and at the same time, achieve the results you desire. We offer professional consulting services if you are looking for expertise knowledge from someone who really knows based on personal experience, a second opinion, or finding ways to execute your plans efficiently and on a timely basis. Why waste time, money, and effort trying to figure things out on your own? Speaking with someone who really knows how and what to do, will save you all the headache and money in the long run. We are open to assisting you anyway we can. This also means if you need printed large banners for any type of billboard/trailer or digital content creation for your ads or advertiser, we specialize in that too!


Jumboscreens For Rent Nationwide


As the leading pioneer in mobile billboard technology, we are enhancing our services and transforming into Digital Mobile Billboards and Jumboscreens. Providing Jumboscreens rentals is a very important part of what does to add more value to our customers campaigns.  Our growing inventory of nationwide Jumboscreens and Movie Night Screens for rent are affordable, portable and highly visible for outdoor daytime and night visibility. We also have developed some very innovative ways to turn your event, venue, or corporate meeting into a highly productive marketing opportunity that:

        1. Increases event and promotionl attendance
        2. Increases on-premise sales
        3. Increases audience participation
        4. Enhances guests and audiences experience
        5. Creates a marketing BUZZ before, during, and after the event
        6. Reduce production costs
        7. Deliver fast turn-around for content, animations and video

Our ultimate goal is to help create name recognition, product awareness, and increase bottom line sales. Billboards-4-Rent services all key markets within the United States in addition to parts of Canada, Mexico and Europe.


Maximum exposure with your advertising budget using billboards, viral and guerilla marketing.


We will deliver your targeted brand messages and interactive consumer promotions worldwide. Not only does Billboards-4-Rent provide customized deployment for its clients, we also suggests innovative guerilla marketing tactics in highly populated hot spots to increase exposure and viral marketing for our clients. Our digital media assets and street teams capture the attention hundreds of thousands of additional prospects at the following hot spots:

•Rush Hour Traffic
•Outdoor Festivals
•Grand Openings
•Trade Shows
•Golf Tournaments
•Sporting Events
•Auto Racing Events
•Holiday Events
•Motion Picture Premiers
•Major Metropolitan Areas (Las Vegas Strip)
•Billboard Prohibited Areas
•Lake/Boating Events
•Beach Cities & Events
•Political Elections


Fixed location billboards in Las Vegas near strip


      • (4) Sequential, highly visible double sided 14' x 48' billboards available
      • Location is off I-215 freeway at Las Vegas Boulevard exit
      • Also visible from I-15 Northbound (Exit 11) leading to The Strip
      • Westbound and Eastbound visibility
      • 1 exit from Las Vegas airport, 1 block from Town Square, 1/2 block from Callaway golf course
      • Great for targeting local market and high flow traffic from California
      • 145,000 DEC (dailey effective circulation)
      • Available for conventions, promotions and long-term rental/lease
      • $1.10 per square ft. production for 6 month contracts


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